Should You Renovate Your House Before Selling It?

Thinking about putting your Calgary house on the market?

Staging your home to sell will bring more buyers and sell your home quicker but contrary to popular belief, doing renovations is not always the answer for everyone and won’t always bring a return on investment.  Talk to your Realtor® about what is going to work best for you and make an informed decision.

Do a little or do a lot. Make buyers fall in love!

Get A Free No Strings Attached Consultation if you you thinking about selling your house!


Have you seen Property Brothers Buy and Sell?  Ask me for pictures of a home that had $10 000.00’s strategically invested, listed for 80 000 dollars more than originally determined and sold in five days for 95% of list price.  I’m not kidding.  This can happen.

Have a consultation Realtor® about what updates and renovations will be most profitable when your house hits the market – think Property Brothers]. If you can afford it (not everybody can) targeted and strategic can see a return of double or triple your investment. For example, removing and replacing bedding and curtains and adding a fresh coat of paint in a modern and neutral colour will often go a long way. Add a new backsplash in your kitchen and update the hardware. Voila!

Depending on the condition of your home, its best and highest use, and the current market, renovations, small or large, may not be a good investment. Speak to a professional before making these decisions if you are planning to sell. Just because you spend money doesn’t mean prospective buyers will want to pay for it.

I’ll give you a property enhancement checklist and recommendations for minor repairs and improvements that will help us sell your property for the highest possible price. I will also provide you with professional design and staging expertise (at my cost), and access to the most reliable and dependable home improvement tradespeople in the marketplace. Here’s a list of some easy and FREE things you can do to enhance your home for sale:




Arrange it

Remove all excess furniture and ‘stuff’ that isn’t showing off your house.  Less furniture makes rooms look bigger and allows the beauty of your home to be seen. Arrange your furniture for optimal flow and function. Help buyers to see how they can live in your space.  If you have a space that you can use for storage, put these things in storage.  If you don’t, work with your Realtor® to come up with solutions and staging options.  An empty house shows better than a cluttered house.  A well appointed house shows the best.

Hide it

Put away personal photos. As much as you like to see your photos, prospective buyers do not. Allow your buyers to imagine your home as theirs!  Remove all personal items from counters, dressers, and shelves and hide or neatly display all television and stereo remotes. Hide any visible trash cans and pet food bowls and beds and remove all magnets and photos from the fridge and freezer. If you can live without it? Pack it up.

Fix it

Take care of the small fix jobs you can do with ease or hire someone to do them for you. Replace burnt out light bulbs, fix the back gate, nail the loose baseboard back on, fill noticeable nail holes, and replace the door knob that doesn’t work.  Again.  If this isn’t your thing, I can provide you access to an affordable home handyman that can whip your place into shape.  Just ask.

Clean and Organize

Clean and organize your home. If you don’t have time or this isn’t your specialty, have someone do it for you. I have access to multiple cleaners and organizers who can take this chore off your hands. People care and cleanliness is the number one thing potential buyers negatively comment on. Don’t forget your closets and the garage.  Make sure they aren’t over crowded. If it looks like you have some left over space, buyers imagine there will be plenty of space for their things.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

It does wonders! In fact, painting your home inside and out is the fastest, most affordable way to give it a new and upgraded look. Paint quickly covers up stains, scratches, dents and dings, leaving a clean canvas that will appeal to the buyer. Where possible use neutral colors. White, off-white, beige, grey, and greige are all good choices. This goes for everything. Remember you are trying to make it impossible to offend anyone’s senses and appeal to the broadest possible audience.

Enhance the Curb Appeal

The first thing your buyers to see is the outside of your home. Make it worth their while. A pressure wash will do good to your vinyl sidings, or get an exterior paint job in case of wood siding and trims if it is in very poor repair. Replace all rusty, old or broken hardware. Fix and repair fences.  For showings, move all vehicles (including RV’s and boats) from the driveway and away from the front of the house.


As your local Calgary real estate marketing expert, I can help you better prepare your home for sale. Connect with me Karen Blain, simply call at (403) 702-5246 for advice on whether you should be do anyone home renovations at all.

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